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Pragmalinguistics is a central field of linguistics. It examines the great variety of linguistic behaviours and linguistic interactions against the backdrop of their cultural, cognitive, and situational conditions. Its broad field of research grows out of the philosophies of language of John L. Austin, H. Paul Grice, John R. Searle, and Ludwig Wittgenstein and the sociological approaches of Alfred Schütz, Peter Berger, Thomas Luckmann, Aaron Cicourel, and Harold Garfinkel and has since fanned out into many areas of study and analysis. These include language and politics; language and art; language and law; science communication; language and gender identity; language and institutions; language and religion; linguistic violence; language in online media; ritual communication; and language and culture. Pragmalinguistic research covers all levels of linguistic structure and both historical and contemporary instances of language use in examining the functional relationships of linguistic behavior.

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