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What is the »voiceID« conference?

We are happy to announce the 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference on Voice Identity: Perception, Production and Computational Approaches taking place from the 28th-30th of August 2023 in Marburg, Germany. The conference aims to bring together researchers interested in vocal identity and recognition from different disciplines such as Psychology, Biology, Linguistics, Physics, and Engineering.

Through this conference, we aim to promote dialogue across the different disciplines involved in the study of voice. Questions we want to address include but are not limited to: 

  • How do talkers use their voice to convey information about themselves to others?
  • What neural and/or cognitive mechanisms support voice identity perception and production?
  • How do different types of cues (acoustic, phonetic, linguistic, and beyond) inform and interface with identity perception and production?
  • What underpins individual differences in voice identity perception and production?
  • How can computational approaches (modelling, synthesis, etc.) contribute to our understanding of voice identity?
  • Are there parallels in how humans and animals achieve and perform voice identity recognition?
  • What is the evolutionary relevance of voice identity perception in humans and animals?
  • What role does voice identity play in pragmatic communication scenarios (e.g. social interaction, performing arts)?


Institute for German Linguistics / Research Center »Deutscher Sprachatlas«
Pilgrimstein 16
35037 Marburg