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Women's and Equal Opportunity Officers at the Department 10 – Foreign Languages and Cultures

Staff and Faculty of the Department:

Sarah Best
Deutschhausstraße 12, Raum 01A48     
Tel.: 06421-28 24963

Consultations by appointment via email/phone.
Dr. Franziska Bock (Deputy)
Wilhelm-Röpke-Straße 6 D, Zi. 08D02
Tel.: 06421/28-24730

Consultations by appointment via email/phone.

Students in the Department:

Cassandra Franz

Consultations by appointment via email/phone.
Elena Fucentese (Deputy)

Consultations by appointment via email/phone.

Depending on whether you are staff/faculty or a student, you may want to contact “your” representative first, but you are most welcome to contact either one of us. Any queries and consultations are confidential.

We were elected at the women’s assembly of the department on 11 Nov. 2020 and 17 Nov. 2021, and subsequently appointed by the dean as the departmental women’s and equal opportunity officers for two years (students for one year).

Our most important tasks:

  • We are the liaison for all women* employed or studying at the department in issues related to the advancement of women and gender equality.
  • We are involved in the creation and revision of the departmental agenda for the advancement of women and gender equality (authored by the department's Equal Opportunity Commission; only in German) and participate in its implementation.
  • In consultation with the university’s central women's and equal opportunity officer, we are involved in the department's staffing procedures and participate in job interviews.
  • We participate in relevant committee meetings in an advisory capacity in order to represent the interests and concerns of women at the departmental and university level.
  • We participate in the meetings of the departmental women’s representatives organized by the central women’s and equal opportunity office.
  • We hold a departmental women’s assembly at least once a year.
  • We advocate for the inclusion of women- or gender-specific courses in the curriculum. Where appropriate, we also support and organize such courses or events.
  • We are responsible for forwarding information on topics and events relevant to women.
  • We can point you to further information on topics relevant to women, such as career support for female academics, balancing care work with your studies, your employment, or your research, support against sexualized violence and discrimination, etc.
  • We are available as people to contact in cases of discrimination on the basis of gender and in cases of sexual harassment (see the Philipps-Universität guideline for protection against sexual harassment and violence).

Suggestions and ideas for our work are always welcome.

* We strive to be a resource for people of all marginalized genders. When in doubt, please contact us and we will try to assist you or find the right person to do so.