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Your first Semester


Some of the here mentioned processes or topics might differ in different departments.


At the end of each module you get ECTS-Points for their completion.

No need to fret though, if you are unable to pass a certain test, you may try again at a later time. You have 4 tries for each course at our department.

Choosable modules can be changed if you are not able to Complete them. It would be wise to look into your examination regulations for details.

Registering for exams

In order to register for the exam in question, you need the TAN-List, which is usually sent to you by the begin of the semester. Said TAN-List is used for Two-Factor-Authentification. About a month from the exam date, registrations will be closed. You must register on time to be able to participate in the exam. If questions arise, we or the chairperson of the "Prüfungsausschuss" may help. Best to ask before a problem arises.


Lectures are an itegral part of your study. While they are optional to attend, you should still take them seriouly, as the content can be quite dense at times. Accompanying your Lectures, you will most likely need to do weekly homework. This homework will be graded by your tutor and discussed during an event hosted by said tutor. If you score too bad on those, you may be not allowed to participate in the following exam. Lecture-specific information will usually be given at the first lecture of the semester.

Lecture Notes

Most lecturers at our department will upload lecture notes during the semester. These are usually normal documents in mathematic lectures or presentation slides in computer scientific lectures. These are useful to aid your learning, but we do recommend, not to use them as a replacement for the lucture in question.

Using Books for Learning

Many of the books, which are relevant to your courses will be availible the the universitys library or our departments library. Many lecturers recommend books to supplement the lecture. When it comes to math books for couses of early semesters, we think it easier to use the search engine of your coice or Wikipedia instead, because the explanaination may be easier to understand for beginners.

Things to consider for your first semester

Before lectures start

• Attend student orientation
• get a U-Card
• figure out, when and where your courses will take place

First Week of Lectures

• Register for your Tutorial after the first lecture
• complete Lecture Preparations (installing certain software, download availible scripts)

First / Second Week of Lectures

• first sheet of homework may be handed out
• turning in said sheet
• find partners for group assignments

Third Week of Lectures

• find out dates of exams
• find out the requirements for participating in exams

About shortly before one Month before the exam

• register for the exam (if you want to participate)