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  • Felix Wesch

B.Sc. Physics

Physics is the basis of all natural science, and the course of study is correspondingly broad. A 4-semester fundamental education, which includes experimental and theoretical physics, internships and no insignificant amount of mathematics is followed by a 4-semester deepening and specialization phase. In the specialization phase, about one third of the courses can be (but do not have to be) filled outside of physics (biology, chemistry or computer science...), such that a significant consideration of individual inclinations is possible. This has been achieved through the integration of advanced events (Master courses elsewhere). The 10-semester combination of Bachelor and Master, which is required for the full education, is offered in Marburg as 8+2 semesters. This achieves flexibility, which noticeably improves the introductory study phase, specialization according to personal preferences, a foreign semester or starting the program in the summer semester.

Program: Physik / Physics
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Program length: 8 semesters / 4 years
Main language: German