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  • Yvonne Michel

Graduation Ceremony of the Department of Physics

Twice a year, approximately in the middle of each semester (May / June & November), the graduation ceremony of the Department of Physics takes place.

The graduates, of course, but also their parents, relatives and friends, who one wants to show the department from inside, are invited.

All those who have reached their bachelor's or master's degree in the past half year will receive their certificates in a somewhat festive setting. We also say goodbye to the student teachers who have completed their studies in physics to the state examination.

In the ‘Großer Hörsaal’ in Renthof 5, the celebration begins with the handing over of the certificates, followed by talks (one in German and one in English) on a physical theme, which are designed so that the guests of the graduates can "take away" something.

The evening can end in a nice round with all who want to join in a drink and a few snacks in the following reception. This gives a good opportunity for parents, siblings and friends to get to know the supervisors of the theses and to initiate their successful studies.

For participation in the reception, we charge a small fee per person.

The next graduation ceremony will take place on November 22, 2019.

The registration deadline is on Wednesday November 13, 2019!

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