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Diogenes Observatory

Part of the photometry setup of the astronomy group
A. Schrimpf
Part of the photometry setup of the astronomy group

The equipment of the Marburg astronomy group consits of small mobile instruments, which are suitable for getting good praxis in astronomical observations and measurements for smaller projects and theses.


  • Boren-Simon flat-field astrograph, diameter 200 mm, f/3.6
  • cooled 8 megapixel astro-CCD
  • Johnson-Cousins and SDSS filter sets
  • 26 megapixel color CMOS camera QHY 268C


  • f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain, diameter 200 mm
  • LHIRES III spectrometer, several gratings, resolution power up to 18000, Shelyak Instruments
  • Shelyak eShel II echelle spectrograph, resolution higher than 10000 for orders 33 to 53

Cameras, filters and spectrometer also are used for observations at other observatories nearby, e.g. at Kirchhain or at Stumpertenrod.

By the way: the observatory is called "Diogenes Observatory", because the mount is protected against rain and storm by a barrel.