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Astronomical Observations

The continuous monitoring of variable stars requires observations from different sites due to daylight, bad weather conditions, etc. Thus international campaigns are organized (see e.g. AAVSO) to collect data of objects of interest, like novae, young stars, transiting exoplanets, or any type of variable stars.

In our group you will have the chance to participate in photometric and/or spectroscopic campaigns.

ight curve of RX Andromedae, 28.11.2016
L. Bringmann
ight curve of RX Andromedae, 28.11.2016

Light curve of RX Andromedae, 28.11.2016

Available setups are:

  • 20cm Boren–Simon astrograph, SDSS and Johnson–Cousins filter set, Atik 383L+ CCD
  • 20cm SC OTA with LHIRES III spectrograph

Recent studied objects are:

  • Wolf–Rayet star WR134
  • dwarf nova RX And
  • young star RZ Psc