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!!! Regarding current developments in the corona crisis, you can find more information on the central websites of the university. These should be read and considered absolutely !!!

Hybrid orientation unit in winter semester 20/21 (Corona)

The traditional welcome hour of the new students takes place on 19 October at 10 o'clock in the video chat BigBlueButton. An invitation link will be added here shortly [3].

In general, our two introductory weeks will take place in presence, online and hybrid. We will try to make all important information regarding the course of studies and the organization of the program available online (ILIAS Group [1] / Telegram Channel [2], see below). But only the intersection of students who are in Marburg and have internet access can fully benefit from the introduction.

The schedule for this Orientation Unit currently foresees that you usually have an introductory mathematics course from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. or that you receive important information from us. So keep these two time slots free from October 19 to October 30. You will receive a concrete schedule after the welcome lesson. It will be available online via ILIAS or the Telegram Channel.

We cordially invite you to the Telegram Semester Group [2] to network with each other and to clarify general questions.

If you have already activated your student account you can join the ILIAS group of your semester [1]. Here you can also get in touch with other first-year students. Do you have problems coming to Marburg because you do not live in Marburg yet or for other reasons? Then you can discuss your problems with other first-time students in the commuter portal.

Here are the important links:

[1] ILIAS group for the winter semester 20/21
[2] Telegram Channel in winter semester 20/21
[3] Invitation link to the welcoming event (online conference)

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Orientation Weeks

An important part of our Departmental Student Organisation work is organising and implementing the orientation period (also known as the Orientation Unit, OU) for new students. The OU consists mainly of a leisure programme organised by us, including the OU weekend and math preparatory course. We strongly recommend that new students take part in the OU and not just the math preparatory course! It is very important that you get to know your fellow students early so that you can work together on exercise papers and study for exams. 

If you want a rough overview, we recommend that you take a look at the OU Guide (a booklet published by the Departmental Student Organisation for each OU, containing all necessary information for new students).

Welcome and Communal Cooking

At the beginning of the two OU weeks, typically two weeks before the official beginning of the semester at 10 a.m. c.t. (10 a.m. “cum tempore”, i.e. 10:15 a.m.), the Departmental Student Organisation and Deans of each department welcome the students. Here, you can collect the OU Guide (if you don't already have one) and all kinds of other information about the first few weeks. Afterwards, the first-year students and the Departmental Student Organisation divide into small groups and go somewhere to cook together. We hope this will help you get to know some of your fellow classmates.

City Rally

The city rally takes place sometime during the OU. This will help you get to know Marburg and you can compete against the other groups in a lot of fun games. Afterwards, there will be an awards ceremony. If you are lucky, a party in a privately rented club. 

Coffee/Barbeque Advising Event

While enjoying a coffee or a barbecue, you will be able to meet our advisor for studies, Prof. Andreas Schrimpf, and explain the process of the Bachelor’s/Master’s and teacher training courses. This will give you a chance to ask questions regarding minor subjects, semesters abroad, major subjects, etc. 

Pub Crawls & Games Evenings

To help you get to know the pubs in Marburg as well as your fellow students, the OU is full of pub crawls and a games evening. Make sure to take part in all of them!

The Legendary OU Weekend (not available during the summer OU)

The highlight of the OU is the OU Weekend. We take you to a self-catering house for 2 and a half days to enjoy the last days off before your studies begin. Nobody has ever been disappointed by the weekend and you should take this opportunity to enjoy a few pleasant days away for a low cost. 

The Math Preparatory Course

The department offers a preparatory math course to bring all beginners up to the same level of knowledge. In approx. 25-35 hours (depending on whether it is the summer or winter OU), you will revise all the material from the Abitur and can adjust the speed and lecture style to suit your study method. The MPC is not obligatory and should not be taken too seriously. It is used as revision and to bring all school leavers from different federal states up to the same level, etc. Normally, no material from the degree is covered. Under no circumstances should other OU activities be missed because of the maths pre-course!