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Person of Trust

Sometimes, an issue raised with the Departmental Student Organisation is a very private and confidential matter. For example, if you wish to point out the misconduct of a Departmental Student Organisation member, if you are feeling disadvantaged by a member of the professorship for social/external reasons or if you have experienced other examples of discrimination.

For such cases, we have set up a second email address (). Currently, only Janne and Luise will receive messages* sent to this address, so you can be assured that the whole Departmental Student Organisation will not be aware of your message.

Both Luise and Janne work together with the Women’s Equal-Opportunity Representative and the Equal Opportunity Commission of the Department.

Of course, you can always personally contact a member of the Departmental Student Organisation of your choice with a request to keep the matter confidential.

* For technical reasons, you should send the message from your or account. Otherwise, the list administrator (Konstantin) will also receive the message.