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Laboratory training is central to chemical science.

In the laboratory, students acquire, deepen and expand their practical skills for the safe handling of hazardous chemical substances as well as gain a deeper understanding of the concepts covered in lectures and seminars. Laboratory skills take on a crucial role for a successful transition into professional life in the field of chemistry. However, this cornerstone of practical training is under threat for a number of reasons. Compared to lectures, practical laboratory training is more expensive. When universities are faced with budget cuts, the quality as well as the scope of laboratory education can be at risk, which runs counter to safe handling of chemical hazardous substances.

By providing additional digital solutions, we aim to promote high-quality laboratory education to further increase the quality and sustainability of laboratory education.


In addition, the digital content created in this project can also be used by other universities where practical laboratory training is possible. Here, the digital resources can help prepare students or trainees for the laboratory environment. The digital lab tour should include all relevant safety instructions for working in the lab. With its help, students prepare themselves more effectively for lab work before actually entering the lab. Similarly, video tutorials of experiments are made in which all the individual steps and handles relevant to the execution are explained.

Thus, failures, risks and dangers are demonstrably reduced during the actual execution in the laboratory.