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  • Foto: Regina Gerlach-Riehl


The common research goal of the working groups is the development of new therapeutics in the field of bacterially caused infectious diseases. The expertise and methodological approaches include: (i) the development of new efficient synthesis methods of molecular libraries provided as test substances for drug screening; (ii) methods for ligand "fishing" from complex natural substance libraries; (iii) organic chemical syntheses of chemotherapeutics against pathogenic bacteria and fungi; (iv) The development of small ligands that inhibit or modulate protein function by combining protein crystallography, protein/ligand functional studies, molecular modelling, and structure-based design and chemical synthesis of ligands; (v) Evaluation of natural ribozymes, RNA/protein complexes and protein enzymes of RNA metabolism as drug targets and the application and further development of RNA technologies (antisense, aptamers, RNA interference); (vi) Physicochemical characterisation of macromolecule/ligand interactions and development of biosensing techniques.