Dr. Jamal Shamsara

Jamal Shamsara

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Contact information

jamal.shamsara@pharmazie 1 Marbacher Weg 8
35032 Marburg
M|04 Institutsgebäude A

Organizational unit

Philipps-Universität Marburg Pharmazie (Fb16) Institut für Pharmazeutische Chemie AG Kolb

I educated as a pharmacist in 2006 (Mashhad, Iran). Then, I obtained a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (2011, Mashhad, Iran). My early career studies were on the experimental aspects of cancer and cardiovascular disease molecular biology and biomarker discovery including in vitro assays on cell culture, gene expression assays, and proteomics.

After my Ph.D., I continued my career as an assistant professor at the Pharmaceutical Research Center, Mashhad, Iran (2012). During that time I had several short research stays as a visiting researcher at UFZ, Leipzig and Biopark, Regensburg. I was developing interests in computational chemistry research, then my studies were shifted toward the application of machine learning methods including deep learning in the analysis of chemical and biological data. I started my position in the Kolb lab as a postdoctoral researcher in March 2021.

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