Willem Titulaer

Willem Titulaer
Image: Willem Titulaer

Research Fellow

Contact information

+49 6421 28-21355 +49 6421 28-28994 willem.titulaer@pharmazie 1 Marbacher Weg 8
35032 Marburg
M|04 Institutsgebäude A (Room: A109 resp. +1/0040)

Organizational unit

Philipps-Universität Marburg Pharmazie (Fb16) Institut für Pharmazeutische Chemie AG Kolb

I did my bachelor and master studies in Molecular Life Sciences at the Radboud University, complemented with an Erasmus research internship at the Kolb lab. During my studies I have developed my interests and skills at the interface of computational- and medicinal chemistry. This is represented by my previous work during research internships on synthesis & NMR-kinetic assays of glucoside prodrugs in the lab of Thomas Boltje, writing software for secondary structure ‘normality’ predictions with Gert Vriend, and large-scale virtual screening for CX3CR1 in the lab of Peter Kolb. After my studies, I have worked as Junior Lecturer & Researcher under the supervision of Floris Rutjes at the Radboud University for one year, where I developed and taught the molecular modelling material for the medicinal chemistry pilot course. Furthermore, I was involved in the PanCoroNed consortium for antiviral development against SARS-CoV-2. Since last May, I have returned to the Kolb Lab as a doctoral candidate under supervision of Peter Kolb.

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