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Natur 4.0 | ÖP6 | Interaction networks

Foto: Sascha Rösner

Plants and animals interact in complex networks. Network analyses capture not only changes in species communities but also structural changes in biotic interactions with potential consequences for ecosystem functions and stability. Within ÖP6 we quantify these biotic interactions by linking classical observation methods and experimental approaches with new sensor technology to enable continuous and area-wide recording. The focus is on interactions between birds, small mammals and their food resources (insects, seeds) as well as between raptors and their prey (birds, small mammals). Moreover, we link audio and video recordings with movement data to track interactions between plants and animals in space and time.

PIs: Nina Farwig

Team: Kim Lindner, Sascha Rösner, Finja Strehmann and Dana Schabo

Cooperation partner: Juan Masello, Petra Quillfeldt and Yvonne Ramona (University of Gießen)

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Project funding: LOEWE