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Dynamics of tree seedling-herbivore interactions during forest recovery

Within the research unit “Reassembly of species interactions networks”, the subproject SP5 “Dynamics of seedling recruitment and tree seedling–herbivore interactions during forest recovery” focuses on seedling recruitment and seedling–herbivore interactions. Both, seedling recruitment and seedling-herbivore interactions will be monitored in all plots across the forest recovery chronosequence. Species-specific morphological and chemical traits such as leaf thickness or leaf metabolites will be characterized and leaf herbivory quantified. An experiment on seed rain and seedling recruitment will help to quantify the functional contribution of different components of the seed dispersal network and their responses to perturbation. Seed rain and seedling recruitment are expected to differ depending on seed size and dispersal syndrome of the seedling species. Functional traits of seedlings will be related to leaf herbivory as well as the structure of seedling-herbivore networks and their dynamics in recovering forests.

PIs: Nina Farwig, Katrin Heer and Sybille Unsicker (MPI-CE Jena)

Team: Eva Tamargo Lopez

Cooperation partner: David Donoso (Esc. Politéchnica Nacional) and Maria-José Endara (U de las Américas)

Project funding: DFG