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Courses of the Institute of Physiological Chemistry

Verschiedene Szenen aus Praktika und Vorlesung
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Human medicine and dentistry

2nd semester (Summer):

VL Introduction Biochemistry / Molecular Biology
SE Biochemistry/ molecular biology I (biochemical methods)

3rd semester (Winter)

VL Biochemistry II - Biochemistry
PÜ Biochemical Practical Course Part 1 - Biochemistry
SE Seminar for Practical Course Biochemistry - Theoretical Introduction
SE Seminar II - Seminars with clinical references (B seminars)

4th semester (Summer):

VL Biochemistry III - Molecular Biology
PÜ Biochemistry practical course part 2 - molecular biology
SE Seminar for the Practical Course Molecular Biology - Theoretical Introduction
SE Seminar II - Seminars with clinical references (M-Seminars)
SE Seminar III - Seminars with integration of clinical subjects (K-Seminars)

Elective courses

SE Of Molecules and Humans - Chemical Aspects of Medicine (SoSe + WiSe) (from 2nd semester)
SE Biochemistry of Nutrition (SoSe) (only 4th semester)

4th and higher semester (Winter + Summer)

Tutorial "Fit for the Physical Education in Biochemistry"

Human Biology Bachelor (BSc)

1st semester (Winter)

VL KM0 - Biochemical, molecular biological and human genetic basics (1st semester)

2nd semester (Summer)

SE + PÜ KM3 - Methods of molecular medicine

4th semester (Summer)

PÜ + VL + SE Subject Module Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (4th / 5th semester)

Master (MSc) - Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology

Basic module "Introduction to Neuroscience" (1st and 2nd semester)
Advanced Module Neurobiochemistry I (practical course, seminar)
Advanced Module Neurobiochemistry II (practical course, seminar)

Master (MSc) - Human Biology

Basic module model diseases* (1st and 2nd semester)
Advanced Module Pathobiochemistry
Lecture and seminar "Mouse models in basic biomedical research "**

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