28.10.2022 Verschoben: HeFDI Data Talk am 04.11.2022: "BERD@NFDI - Business, Economics and related Data"

As part of our HeFDI Data Talks, Dr. Ulrich Krieger will present the consortium BERD@NFDI and their emerging platfom for an empirical research data on Friday, 04 November 2022, from 11-12h. The event is online and free of charge.

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BERD@NFDI - Business, Economics and related Data

HeFDI Data Talk on Friday, 04 November 2022, 11-12h

The online event is free of charge; To participate you have to register. With the registration you will receive the access data, which are valid for all talks of our two-week series.

The ubiquitous generation of data traces on the Internet ("dataficiation") in a digitally transformed society and economy also poses great challenges for us researchers. The resulting data is characterized by an enormous amount of data, unstructuredness and heterogeneity (e.g., images, videos, unstructured texts from social media). In order to obtain a comprehensive overall picture of economic and social processes, their analysis is indispensable.

The consortium for economics and social sciences BERD@NFDI aims to provide infrastructures to meet the challenges of extended empirical research. To this end, the initiative is building a powerful platform for the collection, processing, analysis and preservation of unstructured data from Business, Economics and related Data. Dr. Ulrich Krieger from the Universitätsbibliothek Universität Mannheim lets us take a look at this centerpiece: Who is this platform for, how well do the combined methods from the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning work, and what is the significance of the FAIR data principles?

HeFDI Data Talks is a virtual event series on current data management topics, held biweekly on Fridays from 11-12h. A program overview is also available.


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