06.12.2022 14.12.2022: HeFDI Data School Module: Legal questions

In the HeFDI Data School, HeFDI - Hessian Research Data Infrastructures offers cross-site and cross-disciplinary training on research data management.

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In the HeFDI Data School, we offer you cross-location and cross-disciplinary training on the topic of research data management. The Data School is aimed at doctoral students and academic staff at Hessen's universities; the training courses take place online, are free of charge and held in German. You are welcome to check out the entire training package of the HeFDI Data School. You can register for the event here

Current Event: Legal questions

Date: 14.12.2022, 10 a.m.

Presented by: Patrick Langner, University of Applied Sciences Fulda

Duration: 2 hours

Dealing with digital research data is often touched by legal issues. How can I process personal data in a legally secure way? Does research data fall under copyright law? Who decides on the publication of data? What happens to research data when an institution changes? Especially when it comes to copyright, data protection, service and liability issues in the context of processing, sharing and publishing research data, there are many uncertainties in everyday scientific life. During the workshop, we will address these using presentations, practical elements and discussion rounds and, if possible, clear them up.

Module contents
- Which legal frameworks must be observed?
- Data protection and data security
- Who owns my research data?
- Copyright and licences
- Re-use of research data

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