01.09.2022 29.09.2022: HeFDI Data School Module: Data organisation and documentation

In the HeFDI Data School, HeFDI - Hessian Research Data Infrastructures offers cross-site and cross-disciplinary training on research data management.

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In the HeFDI Data School, we offer you cross-location and cross-disciplinary training on the topic of research data management. The Data School is aimed at doctoral students and academic staff at Hessen's universities; the training courses take place online, are free of charge and held in German. You are welcome to check out the entire training package of the HeFDI Data School. You can register for the event here

Current Event: Data organisation and documentation

Date: 29.09.2022, 10 a.m.

Conducted by: Robert Lipp, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Duration: 2 hours

If you document, you get it! Do you want your data to be used later? Do you work in a team? Will your research work possibly be interrupted in between? Whether for yourself or for others, good organisation and documentation of your research data makes work easier and increases traceability. In this module, you will learn about different tools and techniques that support you in dealing effectively with your data. You will also get an overview of the topics metadata and versioning. In the practical part, you will further develop your own data organisation strategies. You will use a template to develop a style guide for documenting the standards you have set yourself.

Module contents
- Folder structures
- File naming
- metadata
- Standardisation
- Types of documentation

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