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Wired Network Access

Standard access to the university network (UMRnet) and Internet in the buildings of the Philipps-Universität Marburg is usually via cable. In areas with many mobile users (lecture halls, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, foyers) WIFI is also available. These access options are supplemented by remote access (VPN) and connections in some publicly accessible areas.

All networked devices must be permanently supplied with security updates and administered according to the state of the art. The responsibility for the safe operation of the end devices lies with the users.

Target group

Staff, students, guests


  • Internet capable device
  • Central User Account (Uni Account) with LAN permission


in operation - Available through connection to the German Science Network (DFN-Verein)

  • Support and Help

    The daily use of the network is supported by the IT administrators, some of whom also act as network administrators (GER, uni-internal). For example, they initiate the activation (patching) of network sockets and can register devices for the use in the network.

    In order to do justice to the highly decentralized structure of the Philipps-Universität Marburg, both spatially and organizationally, there have been so-called network administrators in all departments and institutions since 1993. For all questions regarding networking needs or expansion, please contact your respective network administrators (GER, uni-internal.

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  • Worth knowing

    Local networks (more precisely: VLANs) of UMRnet usually belong to only one department or a department-free institution. The network administrator of a VLAN should support the University Computer Center primarily with knowledge of local conditions (e.g. regarding rooms, persons, functions) in the operation and expansion of the network (e.g. regarding the planning of new computer connections, cabling work of companies, placement of WIFI access points) and should be available for users as well as for the University Computer Center as contact person for questions.