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Database Hosting

In case you want to start a project in research and teaching, the University Computer Center provides you with centrally administrated database servers where you can create, host and provide data bases yourself.

At present, the following solutions are available:

  • MySQL Database Management System
  • PostgreSQL Database Management System

Target group



  • Central User Account (Uni Account)
  • Request a project-based database with the application form for the establishment of a project in database hosting.
  • Administrative contacts can be one or more employee(s) (Staff).
  • Technical contact can be one ore more employee(s) (Staff) or students (Students).
  • The operation of the database and applications involved must follow current legal regulations, particularly concerning security, data privacy, copy right, mandatory identification and criminal laws.
  • In order to operate a database, it is mandatory to have a technical contact person that maintains the database
  • Due to limited staff resources, maintenance of operated databases can’t be performed by the University Computer Center personnel.
  • Databases and applications involved don’t compete with existing centrally provided services of Philipps-Universität Marburg e.g. the central learning platform ILIAS, the central Content Management System or the central Campus Management System Marvin.


The following database servers are currently in operation:

  • (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • (PostgreSQL, especially for survey systems)