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Available Papers and Lamination

Paper types

  • High-gloss photo paper, 200g weight
    for color images of the highest quality.
    Can only be finished with matt lamination and does not increase the quality of the color.
  • Matt paper, 130g heavy
    for high text content and high quality images.
    Particularly suitable for finishing with gloss or matt lamination, as the ink is absorbed particularly well by the paper.
  • Matt paper, 80g weight
    for high text content and images in fast quality.
    Suitable for quick use, e.g. in construction plans, program flow
    This paper cannot be laminated

Lamination types

By laminating paper, the surface is refined, the prints are protected from moisture and the fading of the colors is delayed. It may be possible to write on the lamination. Since laminations are relatively thin (75 microns), you can still cut and roll laminated prints.

  • Gloss lamination
    increases the color quality of the poster, but may be highly reflective. You can write on it with a (water-soluble) foil pen.
  • Matt lamination
    for better readability. Increases the color quality when using matt paper, hardly reflective. You can write on it with a (water-soluble) foil pen or pencil.