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Mobile Telephony

Cell phones for business use

The University Computer Center supports university employees in the procurement of cell phones and cell phone services for business purposes via a framework contract. The modalities of the official use of cell phones are regulated in a service instruction (GER, pdf). New contracts (GER, uni-internal), upgrades, rate changes or cancellations can be obtained from the University Computer Center via a mobile phone application form (GER, uni-internal). The user is in charge of monitoring the running costs, which is described in more detail under Cost Control.

Target group



Cost Control

You can access the Telekom KontoService as follows

  • by telephone: 2000
    free of charge within Germany
    if you are abroad, this can lead to very high connection costs!
  • by SMS: send an empty SMS to 2000
    19 Cents / SMS - outgoing and incoming

Further functions

The following data transmission paths are typically available on cell phones:

  • Mobile radio (always subject to charge)
  • WIFI (partly with costs)
  • Short range transmissions (e.g. Bluetooth, NFC)

The transmission paths via mobile radio (e.g. GSM, LTE, 5G) are subject to charge. The use of public WIFI accesses (e.g. in hotels, train stations, airports and trains) is usually subject to charge. The use of WIFI hotspots is included in some selected cell phone rates for service cell phones. Please ask for the details of your mobile phone contract. The use of Bluetooth or NFC is free of charge but is associated with risks for the security of your cell phone.

Mobile phone rates

The University Computer Center has joined the DFN association’s framework agreement for universities, colleges and scientific institutions in Germany with Deutsche Telekom AG, mobile communications division. In order to keep the administration of the more than 400 mobile phone contracts manageable, only some of the possible rates and options are offered in the framework agreement.

Cell phones are usually provided with the standard rate (GER, uni-internal) "Business Flex S".

This business customer price list (GER, PDF, uni-internal) applies to mobile phone use abroad.

WLAN Call at the University of Marburg

With the WLAN Call rate option, you can also make calls and send text messages at locations that do not provide sufficient mobile phone reception but do offer a local WIFI connection. There is a separate manual for Wifi Call (GER, PDF, uni-internal).


To receive the current catalog of available mobile devices, please send an email to .

Changing the firmware (operating system) of the cell phones (jailbreak, bootloader, etc.) leads to immediate loss of warranty and is prohibited.

The cell phones are property of the state of Hessen and are to be treated with appropriate care and returned to the mobile phone team at the end of use.