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Staff members of the university can apply for a telephone connection. It usually depends on the applicant's job which telephone model is appropriate. For each telephone there is a possibility to protect the device by password and to set up a tele-secretary (i.e. answering machine with additional functions).

Changes to the applicant's data, moving the device or decommissioning the phone require a new phone application, which can be sent or faxed to the phone team. Since costs are incurred for the telephone service, the form must be signed by the person responsible for the cost center.

Target group


Access to the public telephone network

Access the public telephone network via codes that are to be dialed before the actual telephone number. Depending on the code, a distinction is made between business and private calls, as well as between different types of billing.


Each telephone is assigned to a cost center from which the costs for service calls (only available internally) are debited. The monthly base price per terminal depends on the type of device and its call authorization.

Private calls (only available internally) are billed; a direct debit authorization must be issued in advance.

Overview of monthly costs (only available internally).


  • Employment at the Philipps-Universität Marburg
  • Completed and signed telephone application
  • Observance of the service instruction (PDF) for the use of the telephone system