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Key Figures

Special call numbers and key figures for operating the telephone

Access to public network

00 Business calls

04 Business calls via access number (project billing)

05 Business calls via access number (normal billing)

07 Private calls from own telephone

08 Private calls via PIN

Access to the clinic

09 Calls to the hospital (free of charge)

Special numbers

20 University operator

09-60 Attendant of the hospital

110 Police emergency call

112 Emergency call fire department, emergency physician, rescue services

120 Troubleshooting center

125 Internal technical emergency call

1820 Tele secretary core university

Post dialing (in conversation or after dialing)

0 End callback

2 Initiate callback free/busy

3 Three-party conference

5 Brokering

174 Multi-frequency dialing (DTMF)

Key figures for operating a telephone

130 Call forwarding immediately

132 Call forwarding after time

134 Deleting call forwarding

138 Switching out of a hunt group

139 Switching into a hunt group

142 Access to the paging system (PSA)

144 Switching voice prompting on/off

146 Lock/unlock terminal

148 Changing the password (be sure to use the password)

149 Display charge information

152 Call forwarding remote on, with password

153 Call forwarding remote off, with password

154 Delete automatic callback on busy

155 Unattended call pickup

156 Pickup specific

158 Retrieve callback list

159 Callback last caller

162 Setting an appointment reminder

165 Delete reminder

174 MFV postdialing

176 Identity secret/send (program to free key for Easy/Premium)

177 Select language

178 Set display contrast