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Frequently asked questions about the telephone

Telephone hotline

Do you have questions about the telephone system? Simply dial the code 120 on a telephone on the university network.

Transferring a call

Dial the new call partner during the call, inform him/her of the connection request and hang up. If the desired call partner does not answer, you can cancel the connection attempt as follows:

  • Easy and Premium models by pressing the callback button (two telephone handsets with two opposite arrows).
  • Advanced model with the "Consultation" display function

Call forwarding

Dial 130 to initiate internal call forwarding, 134 to cancel call forwarding.

For call forwarding to an external number, dial 130, then 00, then the external phone number with area code, and finally # to save.

Three-party conference

Call the first party, then dial 3 and the number of the second party. You can have conferences with 2 further internal and external call partners.

You can also, if you have been called, use the number 3 to call another party. You should inform this person that he/she is taking part in a 3-party conference.

Problems with external telephone machines with tone dialing (hotline control)

If you use an Alcatel telephone to call a number, e.g. a hotline, with operator guidance by pressing a key ("Dial one to..."), you must enter the code 174 during the call. From then on, each press of the numeric keys sends a multi-frequency signal (DTMF). Ending the call also deactivates the DTMF dialing procedure.

Keep identity secret

On Alcatel telephones with display, you can see within the university the subscriber (surname, first name, call number) who wants to call you; other subscribers can see the same when you call. When calling outside the university, only the phone number is displayed. This display can be suppressed with the code number 176, designated as 'Keep identity secret'. You should not use this function permanently!

Phone password

Each Alcatel phone has a password consisting of 4 digits; preset is 0000. Please change the preset password using the code 148 or according to the ALCATEL user manual: Just dial 148, enter the old password (0000), then enter the new one and repeat it again (just like on a computer). Your phone is then protected against misuse regarding 'call forwarding remote'. You yourself have to remember your password for such a call forwarding. You can change the password as often as you want (just like on a computer).

Tele secretary password (answering machine)

Each voice box - these are available with every Alcatel telephone - has a password consisting of 4 - 12 digits; the default is the 5-digit subscriber number. Please set up your voicemail box and change the preset password; simply dial code 1820 (University) and follow the spoken instructions of the 'telesecretary' (press digit 4 in the main menu, digit 2 under Personal Options and digit 1 under General Options). Your voice mailbox will then be protected against misuse, but you will still have to remember your password. You can change the password as often as you like (just like on a computer).

Voice prompt

Alcatel phones show you on the display what you should do as a subscriber (e.g. enter password); but the phone also 'talks' to you (e.g. dial your personal password). This can become annoying and can be switched on/off per phone, with the code 144.

Exchanging telephones (e.g. relocation)

Exchanging telephones, e.g. in the course of a move, is NOT possible without further ado, because the device ID and the telephone socket on the wall are linked with each other during commissioning. In case of relocation, please contact the network representative of the department/facility or submit a telephone request.