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WiFi-Access (eduroam)

The university's WiFi offers unlimited access to the internet as well as to many internal services, such as searching in journal catalogs, internal websites or printing from your mobile devices. The logon is part of the worldwide eduroam federation, so that participants of one institution can also use the access at all other institutions (including many public places).

Supported operating systems (versions)

In accordance with the guidelines for the administration of IT systems and IT services (GER), the University Computer Center only supports operating systems (versions) that receive current security updates.
(Outdated-) Operating systems that no longer receive security updates are NOT supported and do not receive any help or advice from the University Computer Center.

Supported versions:
Android iOS / iPadOS
Windows macOS
ChromeOS Linux

Quick-Start Instructions

You will find eduroam within range of one of the university's access points. Please set up eduroam exclusively according to the following instructions:

In addition to eduroam, the older WiFi network UMRnet_staff is still available. UMRnet_guest may also be available for guests who cannot set up eduroam (or not with reasonable effort) on their devices.

Target group

Students, staff, guests


  • Central User Account (Uni Account) with WiFi authorization
  • or an account of another institution participating in eduroam


WiFi-Access is so far only available in parts of the university, you can see exactly where in the detailed list of access points(Uni-Internal/GER). Our aim is to significantly increase the coverage area. As before, however, comprehensive WiFi coverage will only be available in individual, selected buildings in the medium term.