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Android (automatic configuration, recommended)

First, please delete any existing configurations for the WiFi SSIDs eduroam and UMRnet_staff. You can check this under Settings → Connections → WLAN. There you will find the "names" (SSIDs) of the existing WiFi networks. Tap and hold your finger on the eduroam entry until a new window opens. Remove the network. Depending on the version or cell phone, the procedure may differ slightly.

Establish another connection to the Internet (hotspot, mobile data) and download the app geteduroam from the Playstore.

After you open the app, select the organization. To do this, simply enter "Marburg" in the search box and the entry "Philipps-Universität Marburg" will be completed. Select this entry. Next select the profile that applies to you. If you have a Samsung smartphone, please select the respective profile marked Samsung Workaround (not in the screenshot).

Enter the credentials of your university account, e.g. "Muellerx". The username will automatically be completed with the so-called realm (@[staff|students] Please note: Despite the similarity, this is technically not an e-mail address, e.g. there is no dot in the first part!

Next, tap the Connect to Network button. You should see a final message Enjoy using eduroam! Tap OK.
You should now be connected to the eduroam (or UMRnet_staff) network.
(For staff Accounts, the app also sets up the WiFi SSID UMRnet_staff, for the vast majority of applications, it provides an identical service to eduroam.)

If the connection still does not work, please contact the HRZ, either by email to or by phone to the helpdesk at 28-282828.