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Research Data Repository

data_UMR is the institutional repository of the Philipps University of Marburg. Research data with descriptive metadata can be stored in a structured manner, stored securely and published in a citable form. The University Library and the University Computer Center jointly operate the repository. You can find further information and support for the repository in the description of the data_umr service on the University Library website.

Your benefit

  • Organization, administration, long-term storage and provision of research data and publications in terms of scientific traceability and reproducibility
  • Submission, curation, storage, indexing, backup, archiving and, if required, citable publication and presentation of research data

Target group

  • Researchers as submitters and curators of research data
  • Researchers, teachers, students, the public as users of research data


  • For submission and coursework, you usually need a Central User Account (Uni Account) or a user account at one of the HeFDI partner universities
  • Current web browser