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At the Marburg location, a multitude of high-class services for training in the field of data management and data literacy accumulate - starting with the three NFDI consortia, whose training areas are anchored here at Philipps-Universität, to the offers of the state initiative HeFDI, which we coordinate, to our MarSkills module Data Literacy, among others.

Thanks to this strong network of locations, we can offer you a wide range of interdisciplinary and subject-specific training courses, workshops, and courses on data literacy, data competence, and data and code management. The portfolio is constantly growing. In the following, you will find all the offers on data and code management and analysis that are available to you at the site, be it the offers of the core team of the service center, the participating infrastructures, the state initiative HeFDI, the NFDI consortia or other specialist institutions at the site.

Regular trainings of the eResearch Service Center
Trainings on demand
Offers of the federal state initiative HeFDI (Data Talks, Data School, Code School, Data Week)
Offers of NFDI-Consortia (selection)

Regular trainings of the eResearch Service Center

In principle, in addition to our regular offerings, we are happy to design and implement individual events or individual sessions in your courses on request. The concrete scheduling and design depends on our respective personnel resources. Please contact us via email if you are interested.

  • Open Science workshop at MARA
  • 1x 4 hours for PhD students; Contents: Overview and clarification of terms; Open Access: information, practical implementation; Open Data: information, practical implementation
  • Workshop "Introduction to research data management" at MARA
  • 1x 4 hours for PhD students; Contents: Research data and research data management - overview, clarification of terms and possible implementations; data management plans - benefits, contents and templates
  • MarSkills-Modul Data Literacy - Data Competencies for study and careerIn the MarSkills area, we offer a key skills module on data literacy in studies and career. Events on this topic take place in the winter semester.

Trainings on demand

  • Individual sessions in existing courses
    • on request, e.g. 1x 90 minutes for students and / or PhD students; contents: Introduction to research data management; other topics by arrangement
  • Workshops and events on demand
    • 90 minutes to 4 hours for researchers from all disciplines; content: agreed content on research data management.

Research Data Management - an online-introduction (self learning unit)

You are also welcome to use our freely accessible online learning unit on research data management. You can also reuse it for your own purposes, adapt it, shorten it, expand it, just as you want and need it. For this purpose, we can provide you with the import file for Ilias, so that you can also implement the content in your protected course. The self-study unit is part of the HeFDI Data Learning Materials.

Offers of federal state initiative HeFDI - Hessian Research Data Infrastructures

All offers of the state initiative HeFDI are free of charge, usually online events and open to all interested parties.

HeFDI Data Talks

HeFDI Data Talks is a bi-weekly informational event that presents and discusses current data management topics and offerings.

HeFDI Data School

In two semesters at the HeFDI Code School, you will receive a basic and comprehensive introduction to research data management in basic and focus modules (two-hour workshops)

HeFDI Code School

Our HeFDI Code School offers a workshop series on scientific software and its programming. 

Disciplin-specific offers of NFDI-consortia - a selection