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Security, Order, Conflict

We use experiences from the past to learn for the future. Social and political developments do not just appear out of nowhere. They always have historical roots that must be studied in order to understand the present and shape the future. At Philipps-Universität, the subjects of security, order and conflict form an interdisciplinary focus in humanities and social science research. Marburg's academics study culture, politics and key players in the Near and Middle East from various perspectives, contributing to a comprehensive understandig of the region. Their approach can serve as a model for future area studies on other regions of the world. Scholars from Marburg and Giessen pool their expertise in order to take a new approach that considers security from a historical perspective, from the early modern period to the present. Their insights will enrich political discourse in the future. Researchers in Marburg also study how various societies cope with war crimes, and are in demand as political advisers. They play important roles in German government think tanks that examine the political situation in the Middle East, and ways to come to terms with Germany's Nazi past.