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Inflammation, Immunology, Tumor Biology

Cell sorting in cancer medicine
Photo: Anna Schroll/Hessen schafft Wissen

Research on inflammation, immunology and tumour biology at the University of Marburg encompasses a broad spectrum of investigations aimed at better understanding interactions between the immune system, inflammatory processes and carcinogenesis. This research focuses on elucidating the underlying mechanisms that regulate differentiation processes, inflammation and immunological responses in various diseases, with a particular emphasis on cancer. Here the focus is on research into leukaemias, pancreatic carcinoma, ovarian carcinoma and breast carcinoma.

Research at the University of Marburg is interdisciplinary and brings together experts from various fields, including immunology, molecular biology, oncology and bioinformatics. Collaborations with national and international institutions as well as industrial partners enable the translation of basic research results into clinical applications and give hope for improved diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. In leukaemia research in particular, the Carreras Leukaemia Center has already succeeded in dovetailing laboratory research with innovative treatment strategies.

Overall, research on inflammation, immunology and tumour biology at the University of Marburg aims to deepen our understanding of these interconnected processes and pave the way for the development of innovative and personalised therapies that will have a significant impact on patient care and outcomes.

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