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The World of Language

What constitutes language? It is the basis for human culture and social activity, and therefore enormously diverse and constantly changing. The scientific understanding of language, or linguistics, has long been a focus of research in Marburg. One of the oldest linguistic research centers is baded at Philipps-Universität. Among its unique features are its linguistic maps and audio recordings of German dialects, which show how they have changed in the last 130 years. Language is never static, which is why Marburg linguists are also studying contemporary usage and analyzing regional trends as part of a long-term project. Marburg scholars working in lingustic disciplines - regional language research in linguistic dynamics, long-term diachrony from the Old High German period to the present, neurolinguistics, language theory and psycholinguistics - provide a fundamental contribution to the science of linguistics through their study of basic linguistic categories. The German Linguistic Atlas research building will provide linguists with a central location for cooperative work in the future.