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Junior researchers

Nadege Miclanche Azebaze (M.Sc.)


Research Group Microeconomics
Universitätsstrasse 24, 35037 Marburg

Email: nadege.azebaze[at]wiwi.uni-marburg.de

Nadege Miclanche Azebaze is a research associate at the chair of Microeconomics. She is interested in intra-household decision making. In her research she investigates the employment and education decision in traditional African societies. Combining institutional economic theories and family economic models she examines how changes in a society away from subsistence towards a market economy affect the distribution of labour, investment and consumption within families.

Joachim Krah (M.Sc.)

Research Group Financial Accounting & Corporate Valuation
Barfüßertor 2, 35037 Marburg





Joachim Krah joined the Institute of Financial Accounting as Research Associate and Ph.D. Candidate in January 2014. His research agenda focuses on aspects of Corporate Governance and Financial Accounting. He is particularly interested in recent developments on Comparative Corporate Governance, Segment Reporting, and Corporate Social Responsibility-Reporting. Special emphasis is placed on the role of voluntary disclosure of information in line with the theoretical framework of the Proprietary Cost Theory. The research relates to examining and understanding the way in which markets respond to voluntary disclosures.


Volker Robeck (Dipl.-Volksw.)



Research Group Microeconomics
Universitaetsstrasse 24, Room 113
D-35037 Marburg

Email: volker.robeck[at]wiwi.uni-marburg.de

Volker Robeck is a research associate at the chair of Microeconomics. He is interested in game theory and contract theory. His main field of interest is the performance-enhancing drug abuse in professional sports. He analyzes the incentives and interdependencies in sports which create a doping friendly environment. This research addresses the influence of anti-doping institutions on athletes’ doping decision.

Matthias Verbeck, M.A.

Research Group Institutional Economics
Barfuessertor 2, 35037 Marburg

Email: matthias.verbeck[at]wiwi.uni-marburg.de

In his doctoral dissertation Matthias Verbeck elaborates on the question of how dispersed information can be aggregated best in situations of collective decision making. He therefore is interested in all kinds of “wisdom-of-crowds”-phenomena, particularly in prediction markets.  Since markets are well known to be a very efficient tool for aggregating information, Matthias Verbeck devotes his research to the question if and how market based mechanisms could also be used to enhance the quality and speed of collective decision making.


Johannes Ziesecke (Dipl.-Volksw.)



Research Group Microeconomics
Universitaetsstrasse 24, Room 114
D-35037 Marburg

Email: johannes.ziesecke[at]wiwi.uni-marburg.de

Johannes Ziesecke is research associate at the chair of Microeconomics. His research interests are topics in behavioral economics, experimental economics and game theory. The question how institutions influence economic decision making and the evolution of the homo economicus is one of his main research questions. The influence of emotions on that model and the impact of different institutional settings on decisions in experiments are also in the center of his study.


Philipp Bösherz (M.Sc.)



Research Group Microeconomics
Universitaetsstrasse 24,
D-35037 Marburg

Email: philipp.boesherz[at]wiwi.uni-marburg.de

Philipp Bösherz is a research associate at the chair of Microeconomics. He is interested in history of preclassical economic thought, game theory and the design, formation, operation and impact of institutions. His main field of interest is the evaluation of Plato’s economic conceptions from a new perspective. He aims at understanding Plato’s model of the economic actor, his reaction to rules and Plato's ideas of optimal rules.



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