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AnthroLab: Vortrag über »Body art« und Shamanismus im westlichen Amazonien

Zweiundzwanzigster Vortrag des "Marburger AnthroLab"

Zeit: 07.06.2011 18:00 h
Ort: Fachgebiet Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie, Kugelhaus, Kugelgasse 10, 1. OG


Prof. Dr. Philippe Erikson

Weitere Informationen:

Amazonian body art. Aesthetics, politics or cosmology?

Relying on data from several case studies, mostly from Western Amazonia where the author has done most of his fieldwork, this talk will explore the idea that body art should be considered above all as a form of shamanism. In their own eyes, the so-called ornaments of people such as the Matis, the Chacobo or the Cashinahua are typically vectors and/or expressions of power, political manifestos, and hence more sophisticated for men than for women. Beauty might be at stake, but mainly with the intention of seducing or impressing fellow human and/or spirit beings. Feathers, face-paint, bead collars, piercings and other body ornaments relate to cosmology, ontology, and social hierarchy, rather than to mere aesthetics.

Prof. Dr. Philippe Erikson (Département d'ethnologie/Université Paris Ouest)


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