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The transnationalization of the Afro Brazilian religions in Europe:

Germany and Portugal.

Zeit: 28.05.2013 18:00 h
Ort: Kugelhaus, Kugelgasse 10, 35032 Marburg


Prof. Dr. Joana Bahia -, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brazil /Universidade de Lisboa , Portugal

Weitere Informationen:

Since the 60`s the expansion of the afro Brazilian religions in Latin America (Uruguay and Argentina) are studied by Frigério, Segato and Oro. From the 70`s, they crossed the Atlantic and reached Portugal and nowadays we can find them in different countries of Europe. These religions entered in Portugal the end of the 70`s, followed by the social and political ouverture and the arrival of different migrants fluxes and religions. In this sense the Portuguese culture get closer to their own pagans practices. At the end of the 70`s and the beginning 80`s these religions arrived to Germany followed by the migration of Cubans and Brazilians. 

This study analyses the recent memory of candomblé religion brought by Brazilians, which migrates during the 80`s and 90`s of the last century to Portugal and Germany.


Raphael Tomczyk

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