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AnthroLab (Prof. Dr. Carola Lentz)

Zeit: 16.12.2014 18:10 h
Ort: Deutschhausstr. 3, Hörsaal


Prof. Dr. Carola Lentz (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

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Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014, 18 Uhr c.t.


Local commitments and national aspirations: the making of an African middle class

That the emergence of middle classes is of great strategic importance for ‘good governance’ and economic development in Africa and beyond has been repeatedly asserted by both scholars and practitioners. Since quite a number of years, anthropologists, too, have called for researchers to ‘study up’ in order to contribute to a fuller understanding of contemporary social change. However, there is, as yet, a remarkable dearth of in-depth anthropological and historical research on African middle classes. 

The paper discusses the history of an upper middle class in Ghana, focusing on changing patterns of middle-class recruitment and reproduction, including its relations with the state; practices of middle-class cohesion and exclusivity as well as discourses of distinction and legitimacy. Analysing the experiences of four generations of educated men from Northern Ghana, the paper examines the increasing stratification of what was traditionally a classless society dominated by egalitarian norms, and how its upwardly mobile members dealt, and continue to deal, with the growing social inequality in their ‘home’ society. What are the mechanisms, experiences and legitimations of social mobility; which tensions develop between social stratification and solidarity within kin, village and ethnic networks; and how do the members of the emerging middle class deal with the challenges of straddling local or regional commitments and national aspirations? 



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