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AnthroLab: Informal Markets and Trade in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Zeit: 19.11.2015 18:15 h - 19.11.2015 19:45 h
Ort: Deutschhausstr. 3, 1.OG


Dr. Susanne Fehlings (Institut für Ethnologie, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)

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Informal Markets and Trade in Central Asia and the Caucasus

In Central Asia and the Caucasus one can observe many travelers, especially elderly women, who cover long distances by public transport to buy a few goods, such as furniture and clothes, which then they sell for a small profit in the markets of their home countries. These people arouse my interest in all kinds of informal economic actions that taken together lead to a so-called ‘globalisation from below’.

Working in a research group on ‘informal trade and markets in Central Asia and the Caucasus’, my own research focuses on Caucasian petty traders, their practices, their relations within their specific ‘translocal’ socio-cultural, economic, political, and legal contexts, and their informal trading routes in post-Soviet Eurasia.

In my paper I will present the theoretical and methodological framework we developed as a research group to investigate informal markets and trade in central Asia and the Caucasus. I will then present my own project within this framework and the outcomes of my recent fieldwork. Submitting a categorization of people, practices, objects, and places, I will also call attention to the methodological difficulties to investigate these fuzzy units in local and ‘translocal’ contexts/settings.


Fachgebiet Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie


Anja Bohnenberger

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