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Editorial Information

General Editor:

Managing Editor:
 Michael Pye (Marburg / Kyōto)

 Iglika Vassileva (Nijmegen)
Co-Editors:  Edith Franke (Marburg)
 Bärbel Beinhauer-Köhler (Marburg)
Editorial Consultants:  Mikael Aktor (Odense) 
 Peter Antes (Hannover)
 Max Deeg (Cardiff)
 Liselotte Frisk (Dalarna)
 Andreas Grünschloss (Göttingen)
 Helena Helve (Helsinki)
 Christoph Kleine (Leipzig)
 Gritt Klinkhammer (Bremen)
 James Lewis (Tromsø)
 Peiying Lin (London/Kyōto)
 Sebastian Murken (Trier/Marburg)
 Mikael Rothstein (Copenhagen)
 Katja Triplett (Marburg)


Marburg Journal of Religion is edited by a team consisting of the General Editor, the Managing Editor and two Co-Editors. In addition, assistance is given by a number of Editorial Consultants contributing various specialisms.

Bibliographical status

For bibliographical purposes Marburg Journal of Religion is divided into annual "volumes". Since there are no obligatory printing and mailing routines, a volume may have one or more "issues". Reference should therefore always be made to year, volume and issue. As a security measure the complete contents of Marburg Journal of Religion are additionally archived on the website of the University Library of the University of Marburg, Germany (pdf files only). This is the formal location of ISSN 1612-2941. Once published, the contents are never changed.

Abstracting and indexing

Papers published in Marburg Journal of Religion are documented and abstracted in the bibliographical online database Index to the Study of Religions (www.brill.nl/isr), based on the bibliographical journal Science of Religion, now published by Brill Academic Publishers in Leiden (www.brill.nl/scor). The abstracts published in Marburg Journal of Religion itself may be published elsewhere on condition that full documentation of the article is provided.

Peer review policy

Articles for publication in the journal are "refereed" or "peer reviewed", that is, they are anonymously and critically considered by academics with appropriate expertise. In some cases editorial suggestions may then be made relating to content, style and language. Responsibility for the final text remains, of course, with the author. The final decision about publication rests with the General Editor in consultation with the Co-Editors. The only exception to this rule applies to some very early articles and occasional articles written by the editors themselves.

Acceptance and copyright

Overall copyright is assigned to Marburg Journal of Religion. Copyright for individual contributions lies with the author, who also remains responsible for any breaches of any law in any country whatsoever. An author may give permission for an article published here to be published elsewhere, provided that the source is indicated in the form "First published in Marburg Journal of Religion, Volume 00 (year), Number 00". In addition, the General Editor reserves the right to republish any articles published in Marburg Journal of Religion, in which case the residual copyright of the author will of course be indicated.

Cumulative contents

The contents of Marburg Journal of Religionare in principle cumulative. The latest issue is always brought to the fore, but past issues will be directly accessible from the opening menu. 


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