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Foundation and Site History

Marburg Journal of Religion is believed to be the oldest internet journal devoted to the study of religions, the first issue having appeared in April 1996. The original concept was developed by Michael Pye together with his assistant Richard Böhme, who was the first Web Editor. The editorial team was broadened in 1999 to include Peter Antes (Hannover) and Andreas Grünschloß (Göttingen) and in 2007 Edith Franke (Marburg). Doreen Wohlrab became Web Editor in 2002. The first separate Reviews Editor was Monika Schrimpf (from 2001) and this role was taken up by Katja Triplett from 2003.

From 2008 until 2011 the General Editor was Edith Franke, who succeeded Michael Pye in the related professorship in Marburg; however in 2011 the latter resumed duties as the General Editor. In 2011 the pattern of editors and advisers was also revised into its present format.

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Marburg Journal of Religion site as of its foundation in 1996 until March 2009

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