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Bannergrafik (Religionswissenschaft)

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies (Ph.D) in the discipline of the study of religions are supervised and reviewed by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy (FB 03). If you are interested in doctoral studies in the study of religions, please apply directly to the Professor for the Study of Religions, Prof. Dr. Edith Franke.  You may clarify substantive issues and issues concerning the supervision of your project with Dr. Franke, as well as discuss your doctoral project as elaborated in your dissertation proposal.

Once you have communicated with one of the review board members regarding the supervision of your work, you may then officially apply as a doctoral student by filling out the application form (see here, PDF 201 KB) in Faculty 03.  Please read the directions before filling out the form (see here, PDF 201 KB).  After completing the application, give submit the documents to Ms. Ciok in the Office of the Dean of Faculty 03 (Wilhelm-Röpke Street 6, Section B, 5th Floor, Rm. 513).  The dissertation review board will make the final decision as to whether your proposal for doctoral studies has been accepted.

The Regulations for Doctoral Studies of Faculty 03 are currently being revised. According to current regulations, it is assumed that a student has already completed a course of study (Magister Artium) in the Department of the Study of Religions or in a related field. The current regulations were instituted on 9th July, 1984, and most recently updated in April 2001. (See here, PDF 66 KB, or link here.)
A “Doctoral Colloquium for the Humanities and Social Sciences” has been held since July 2005.  This format offers doctoral students in Marburg the opportunity to create interdisciplinary networks and receive assistance with their dissertations. For more information, see:

There is also a weekly Colloquium for the Departments of Cultural and Social Anthropology and the Study of Religions sponsored by the Institute.  This colloquium offers students a regular format where they may present and discuss their projects.

Note: Doctoral Studies (Dr. theol.) with an emphasis on the History of Religions are supervised and reviewed by the Department of Protestant Theology (FB 05). This doctoral program presupposes the study of theology and its attendant fields.  Students interested in this program should contact the professors of the History of Religions in the Department of Protestant Theology.

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