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The Institute for Comparative Cultural Research offers together with the Institute of European Ethnology and the Department of the Study of Religions the Bachelor of Arts in the Comparative Study of Cultures and Religions.  This degree program offers both an overview of all three fields, as well as a major in one of the fields that provides the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to enable a student to pursue a specialized master’s study in that particular discipline.

Furthermore, it is possible to study  two master’s programs: a Master of Arts in Cultural and Social Anthropology and a Master of Arts in the Study of Religions.
A third master’s program, the Master of Arts in European Ethnology, is offered by a related institute, the Institute for European Ethnology and the Study of Culture.

University-level knowledge of German (DSH II) will be required at the time of your matriculation. See here for further information:

Unfortunately it is not possible to participate in our programs without a university-level  knowledge of the German language, because nearly all of our classes are conducted in German.

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