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Eine algebraische Fläche vom Grad 6 (eine "Sextik"), die 65 Singularitäten besitzt.
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Information for foreign students

Welcome to the home page of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Philipps-University of Marburg in Germany. On this page you may find some information for people being interested in studying here. Our faculty offers Bachelor and Master degree programs in Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Science, Business Informatics and Business Mathematics. The Bachelor of Science requires 180 credit points in 6 semesters and the Master of Science contains 120 credit points in 4 semesters.

The most important question for foreign people interested in coming to our faculty probably is the required proficiency in the German language. Since all lectures here are given in German, knowledge in our language is required at the level DSH-II (this is a requirement for admission at the Philipps-University, see here). Since people interested in a Bachelor degree usually will not have time to acquire additional language skills before their application we refer for more detailed information to our German web pages.

Here you can find additional information on our degree programs.


Applications for the degree programs are possible for both summer and winter semester. The M.Sc. programs require an appropriate Bachelor degree or comparable qualification. The university must be recognized in Germany (status: H+) and the degree of class A3 at least (see here, in German). The corresponding information for different countries and degrees may be found at the Anabin database.

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