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Institute for the History of Pharmacy


Founded in 1965 by Rudolf Schmitz as an independent institution of the Philipps-Universität Marburg, the Institute of the History of Pharmacy is unique in Germany. The Institute deals with the non-experimental disciplines within the courses of studies of pharmacy, regulated by the 'Approbationsordnung'. It offers a three-term course for the history of science and pharmacy to graduates of sciences (especially pharmacists) for the preparation of a thesis in the field of history of pharmacy or sciences. Teaching and research concentrate on the development of sciences in history, especially pharmacy and its related basic disciplines chemistry and botany. In the field of the history of pharmacy, the research at the Institute is mainly dedicated to the origin and development of the pharmacist profession in Europe, the history of pharmaceuticals and of pharmacy as a scientific discipline, the history of pharmaceutical literature and of remedies / materia medica. Main research areas reach from the Early modern time to the 21st century. The history of pharmacy connects both, sciences and humanities; and it does not only investigate historical topics but also contributes to the research in modern pharmacy.Institutsgebäude



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