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Publications Carsten Culmsee

Selected Publications

Garn H, Bahn S, Baune BT, Binder EB, Bisgaard H, Chatila TA, Chavakis T, Culmsee C, Dannlowski U, Gay S, Gern J, Haahtela T, Kircher T, Müller-Ladner U, Neurath MF, Preissner KT, Reinhardt C, Rook G, Russell S, Schmeck B, Stappenbeck T, Steinhoff U, van Os J, Weiss S, Zemlin M, Renz H (2016) Current concepts in chronic inflammatory diseases: interactions between microbes, cellular metabolism, and inflammation. J Allergy Clin Immunol 138(1):47-56

Neitemeier S, Dolga AM, Honrath B, Karuppagounder SS, Alim I, Ratan RR, Culmsee C (2016) Inhibition of HIF-prolyl-4-hydroxylases prevents mitochondrial impairment and cell death in a model of neuronal oxytosis. Cell Death Dis 7:e2214

Richter M, Vidovic N, Honrath B, Mahavidi P, Dodel R, Dolga AM, Culmsee C (2015) Activation of SK2 channels preserves ER Ca(2+) homeostasis and protects against ER stress-induced cell death. Cell Death Differ 23(5):814-27

Dong F, Eibach M, Bartsch JW, Dolga AM, Schlomann U, Conrad C, Schieber S, Schilling O, Biniossek ML, Culmsee C, Strik H, Koller G, Carl B, Nimsky C (2015) The metalloprotease-disintegrin ADAM8 contributes to temozolomide chemoresistance and enhanced invasiveness of human glioblastoma cells. Neuro Oncol 17(11):1474-85

Benzler J, Ganjam GK, Pretz D, Oelkrug R, Koch CE, Legler K, Stöhr S, Culmsee C, Williams LM, Tups A (2015) Central inhibition of IKKbeta/NF-kappaB signaling attenuates high-fat diet-induced obesity and glucose intolerance. Diabetes 64(6):2015-27

Richter M, Nickel C, Apel L, Kaas A, Dodel R, Culmsee C, Dolga AM (2015) SK channel activation modulates mitochondrial respiration and attenuates neuronal HT-22 cell damage induced by H2O2. Neurochem Int 81:63-75

Neitemeier S, Ganjam GK, Diemert S, Culmsee C (2014) Pifithrin-alpha provides neuroprotective effects at the level of mitochondria independently of p53 inhibition. Apoptosis 19(12):1665-77

Gold M, Dolga AM, Koepke J, Mengel D, Culmsee C, Dodel R, Koczulla AR, Bach JP (2014) alpha1-Antitrypsin modulates microglial-mediated neuroinflammation and protects microglial cells from amyloid-beta-induced toxicity. J Neuroinflammation 11:165

Reuther C, Ganjam GK, Dolga AM, Culmsee C (2014) The serine protease inhibitor TLCK attenuates intrinsic death pathways in neurons upstream of mitochondrial demise. Apoptosis 19(11):1545-58

Barho MT, Oppermann S, Schrader FC, Degenhardt I, Elsässer K, Wegscheid-Gerlach C, Culmsee C, Schlitzer M (2014) N-acyl-derivatives of 4-pheoxyaniline as neuroprotective agents. ChemMedChem 9(10):2260-73

Oppermann S, Schrader FC, Elsässer K, Dolga AM, Kraus AL, Doti N, Wegscheid-Gerlach C, Schlitzer M, Culmsee C (2014) Novel N-phenyl-substituted thiazolidinediones protect neural cells against glutamate- and tBid-induced toxicity. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 350(2):273-89

Höllerhage M, Goebel JN, de Andrade A, Hildebrandt T, Dolga A, Culmsee C, Oertel WH, Hengerer B, Höglinger GU (2014) Trifluoperazine rescues human dopaminergic cells from wild-type alpha-synuclein-induced toxicity. Neurobiol Aging 35(7):1700-11

Dolga AM, de Andrade A, Meissner L, Knaus HG, Höllerhage M, Christophersen P, Zischka H, Plesnila N, Höglinger GU, Culmsee C (2014) Subcellular expression and neuroprotective effects of SK channels in human dopaminergic neurons. Cell Death Dis 5:e999

Doti N, Reuther C, Scognamiglio PL, Dolga AM, Plesnila N, Ruvo M, Culmsee C (2014) Inhibition of the AIF/CypA complex protects against intrinisic death pathways induced by oxidative stress. Cell Death Dis 5:e993


Ganjam GK, Benzler J, Pinkenburg O, Boucsein A, Stöhr S, Steger J, Culmsee C, Barrett P, Tups A (2013) Overexpression of suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 in the arcuate nucleus of juvenile Phodopus sungorus alters seasonal body weight changes. J Comp Physiol B 183(8): 1101-11

White A, Culmsee C, Beart P (2013) Oxidative stress and neurodegeneration. Neurochem Int 62(5):521

Dolga AM, Netter MG, Perocchi F, Doti N, Meissner L, Tobaben S, Grohm J, Zischka H, Plesnila N, Decher N, Culmsee C (2013) Mitochondrial small conductance SK2 channels prevent glutamate-induced oxytosis and mitochondrial dysfunction. J Biol Chem 288(15):10792-804


Dolga Am, Culmsee C (2012) Protective roles for potassium SK/K(Ca)2 channels in microglia and neurons. Front Pharmacol 3:196 Free PMC article

Dolga AM, Letsche T, Gold M, Doti N, Bacher M, Chiamvimonvat N, Dodel R, Culmsee C (2012) Activation of KCNN3/SK3/K(Ca)2.3 channels attenuates enhanced calcium influx and inflammatory cytokine production in activated microglia. Glia 60(12): 2050-64

Oxler EM, Dolga A, Culmsee C (2012) AIF depletion provides neuroprotection through a preconditioning effect. Apoptosis 17(10):1027-38

Grohm J, Kim SW, Mamrak U, Tobaben S, Cassidy-Stone A, Nunnari J, Plesnila N, Culmsee C (2012) Inhibition of Drp1 provides neuroprotection in vitro and in vivo. Cell Death Differ 19(9):1446-58

Diemert S, Dolga AM, Tobaben S, Grohm J, Pfeifer S, Öxler E, Culmsee C (2012) Impedance measurement for real time detection of neuronal cell death. J Neurosci Methods 203(1):69-77


Tobaben S, Grohm J, Seiler A, Conrad M, Plesnila N, Culmsee C (2011) Bid-mediated mitochondrial damage is a key mechnism in glutamate-induced oxidative stress and AIF-dependent cell death in immortalized HT-22 hippocampal neurons. Cell Death and Differentiation 18(2):282-292 [Epub 2010 Aug. 6]
Dolga AM, Terpolilli N, Kepura F, Nijholt IM, Knaus H-G, D’Orsi B, Prehn JHM, Eisel ULM, Plant T, Plesnila N, Culmsee C (2011) KCa2 channels activation prevents [Ca2+]i deregulation and reduces neuronal death following glutamate toxicity and cerebral ischemia. Cell Death Dis. 2, e:147

Dolga AM, Culmsee C, de Lau L, Winter Y, Oertel WH, Luiten PG, Eisel UL (2011) Statins - increasing or reducing the risk of Parkinson's disease? Exp Neurol. 228(1): 1-4 [Epub 2010 Nov. 24]

Nijboer CH, Heijnen CJ, van der Kooij MA, Zijlstra J, van Velthoven CT, Culmsee C, van Bel F, Hagberg H, Kavelaars A (2011)Targeting the p53 pathway to protect the neonatal ischemic brain. Ann Neurol. 2011 Aug;70(2):255-64.


Hangen E, De Zio D, Bordi M, Zhu C, Dessen P, Caffin F, Lachkar S, Perfettini JL, Lazar V, Benard J, Fimia GM, Piacentini M, Harper F, Pierron G, Vicencio JM, Bénit P, de Andrade A, Höglinger G, Culmsee C, Rustin P, Blomgren K, Cecconi F, Kroemer G, Modjtahedi N (2010) A brain-specific isoform of mitochondrial apoptosis-inducing factor: AIF2.Cell Death Differ. 17(7):1155-66  [Epub 2010 Jan 29.]

Grohm J, Plesnila N, Culmsee C (2010) Bid mediates fission, membrane permeabilization and peri-nuclear accumulation of mitochondria as a prerequisite for oxidative neuronal cell death.
Brain Behav Immun. 24(5):831-8 [Epub 2009 Dec. 2]


Cardoso AL, Costa P, de Almeida LP, Simões S, Plesnila N, Culmsee C, Wagner E, de Lima MC (2009) Tf-lipoplex-mediated c-jun silencing improves neuronal survival following excitotoxic damage in vivo. J Control Release. 2010 Mar 19;142(3):392-403

Culmsee C (2009) Targeting beta2-adrenoceptors for neuroprotection after cerebral ischemia: is inhibition or stimulation best? Anesth Analg. 2009 Jan;108(1):3-5.


Slemmer JE, Zhu C, Landshamer S, Trabold R, Grohm J, Ardeshiri A, Wagner E, Sweeney MI, Blomgren K, Culmsee C, Weber JT, Plesnila N (2008) Causal role of apoptosis-inducing factor for neuronal cell death following traumatic brain injury. Am J Pathol. 2008 Dec;173(6):1795-805.

Cardoso AL, Simões S, de Almeida LP, Plesnila N, Pedroso de Lima MC, Wagner E, Culmsee C (2008) Tf-lipoplexes for neuronal siRNA delivery: a promising system to mediate gene silencing in the CNS. J Control Release. 2008 Dec 8;132(2):113-23.

Seiler A, Schneider M, Förster H, Roth S, Wirth EK, Culmsee C, Plesnila N, Kremmer E, Rådmark O, Wurst W, Bornkamm GW, Schweizer U, Conrad M (2008) Glutathione peroxidase 4 senses  and translates oxidative stress into 12/15-lipoxygenase dependent- and AIF-mediated cell death. Cell Metab. 2008 Sep;8(3):237-48.

Beck H, Semisch M, Culmsee C, Plesnila N, Hatzopoulos AK (2008) Egr-1 regulates expression of the glial scar component phosphacan in astrocytes after experimental stroke. Am J Pathol. 2008 Jul;173(1):77-92.

Landshamer S, Hoehn M, Barth N, Duvezin-Caubert S, Schwake G, Tobaben S, Kazhdan I, Becattini B, Zahler S, Vollmar A, Pellecchia M, Reichert A, Plesnila N, Wagner E, Culmsee C (2008) Bid-induced release of  AIF from mitochondria causes immediated neuronal cell death. Cell Death Differ. 2008 Oct;15(10):1553-63


Gaedtke L, Thoenes L, Culmsee C, Mayer B, Wagner E (2007) Proteomic analysis reveals differences in spheroid versus monolayer cultures of low passage colon cancer cells. J Proteome Res , Epub ahead of print,  PubMed / Reprint request

Culmsee C, Junker V, Thal S, Kremers W, Schneider H, Plesnila N, Krieglstein J (2007) Enantio-selective effects of clenbuterol in cultured neurons and astrocytes, and in a mouse model of cerebral ischemia. Epub ahead of print EurJ Pharm. PubMed / Reprint request

Plesnila N, von Baumgarten L, Retiounskaia M, Engel D, Ardeshiri A, Zimmermann R, Hofmann F, Landshamer S, Wagner E, Culmsee C (2007). Delayed neuronal death after brain trauma involves p53-dependent inhibition of NF-kB transcriptional activity. Cell Death Diff., 14: 1529-1541. PubMed / Reprint request

Tarcha PJ, Pelisek J,Merdan t,Waters J, Cheung K, v Gersdorff K, Culmsee C, Wagner E (2007) Synthesis and Characterization of Chemically Condensed Oligoethyleneimine Containing Beta-Aminopropionamide Linkages for siRNA Delivery. Biomaterials 28: 3731-40. PubMed / Reprint request

Isele NB, Lee HS, Landshamer S, Straube A, Padovan CS, Plesnila N, Culmsee C (2007) Bone marrow stromal cells mediate protection through stimulation of PI3-K/Akt and MAPK signaling in neurons. NeurochemInt. 50: 243-250. PubMed / Reprint request

Ameri K, Hammond EM, Culmsee C, Raida M, Katschinski DM, Wenger RH, Wagner E, Davis RJ, Hai T, Denko N, Harris AL (2007) Induction of activating transcription factor 3 by anoxia is independent of p53 and the hypoxic HIF signalling pathway. Oncogene. 26: 284-289. PubMed / Reprint request

Henn IH, Bouman L, Schlehe JS, Schlierf A, Schramm JE, Wegener E, Nakaso K, Culmsee C, Berninger B, Krappmann D, Tatzelt J, Winklhofer KF (2007) Parkin mediates neuroprotection through activation of IKK/NF-kB signalling. J. Neuroscience 27: 1868-1878. PubMed / Reprint request

Zhu C, Wang X, Huang Z, Qiu L, Xu F, Vahsen N, Nilsson M, Eriksson PS, Hagberg H, Culmsee C, Plesnila N, Kroemer G, Blomgren K. (2007) Apoptosis-inducing factor is a major contributor to neuronal loss induced by neonatal cerebral hypoxia-ischemia. Cell Death Differ. 14: 775-784. PubMed / Reprint request

Cardoso AL, Simões S, Almeida LP, Pelisek J., Culmsee C, Wagner E, Pedroso de Lima MC (2007) siRNA delivery by Transferrin associated Lipoplexes: a non-viral strategy to mediate gene silencing. J Gene Med 9: 170-183. PubMed / Reprint request

Culmsee C, Krieglstein J. (2007) Ischaemic brain damage after stroke: new insights into efficient therapeutic strategies. International Symposium on Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection. EMBO Rep. 8, 129 – 133. PubMed / Reprint request


Culmsee C, Gasser E, Hansen S, Tonn JC, Wagner E, Goldbrunner R (2006) Effects of Raf-1 siRNA on human microvascular endothelial cells: A potential therapeutic strategy for inhibition of tumor angiogenesis. Brain Res 1125: 147-154. PubMed / Reprint request

Becattini B, Culmsee C, Leone M, Zhai D, Zhang X, Crowell KJ, Rega MF, Landshamer S, Reed JC, Plesnila N, Pellecchia M (2006) Structure-activity relationships by interligand NOE-based design and synthesis of antiapoptotic compounds targeting Bid. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 103: 12602-12606. PubMed / Reprint request

Culmsee C, Plesnila N (2006) Targeting Bid to prevent programmed cell death in neurons. Biochem Soc Trans 34: 1334-1340. PubMed / Reprint request

Culmsee C, Landshamer S (2006) Molecular insights into mechanisms of the cell death program: role in the progression of neurodegenerative disorders. CurrAlzheimer Res 3: 269-283. PubMed / Reprint request

Culmsee C, Krieglstein J (2006) Emerging pharmacotherapeutic strategies for the treatment of ischemic stroke. Drug Discovery Today.Therapeutic strategies. 621-628.


Culmsee C, Zhu C, Landshamer S, Becattini B, Wagner E, Pellecchia M, Blomgren K, Plesnila N (2005) Apoptosis-inducing factor triggered by poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase and Bid mediates neuronal cell death after oxygen-glucose deprivation and focal cerebral ischemia. J Neurosci. 25:10262-10272. PubMed / Reprint request

Culmsee C, Gerling N, Landshamer S, Rickerts B, Duchstein HJ, Umezawa K, Klumpp S, Krieglstein J (2005)  Nitric oxide donors induce neurotrophin-like survival signaling and protect neurons against apoptosis. Mol Pharmacol. 68:1006-1017. PubMed / Reprint request

Culmsee C, Krieglstein J (2005). Mechanisms of neuronal degeneration after ischemic stroke – emerging targets for novel therapeutic strategies. Drug Discovery Today.Disease Mechanisms. 2:463-470.

Culmsee C, Mattson MP (2005) The role of p53 in neuronal apoptosis. BiochemBiophys Res Com. 331:761-777. PubMed / Reprint request


Culmsee C, Junker V, Kremers W, Thal S, Plesnila N, Krieglstein J (2004) Combination therapy in ischemic stroke. Synergistic neuroprotective effects of memantine and clenbuterol. Stroke, 35:1197-1202. PubMed / Reprint request

Plesnila N, Zhu C, Culmsee C, Gröger M, Moskowitz MA, Blomgren K (2004) Nuclear Translocation of Apoptosis-Inducing Factor (AIF) after Focal Cerebral Ischemia. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, 24:458-466. PubMed / Reprint request

Zhu Y, Culmsee C, Klumpp S, Krieglstein J (2004) Activation of NF-kB through PI3K/Akt and MAPK/Erk1,2 signaling contributes to the neuroprotective effect of TGFß1 in hippocampal neurons. Neuroscience 123:897-906. PubMed / Reprint request

Gerling N, Culmsee C, Klumpp S, Krieglstein J (2004) The tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor orthovanadate mimics NGF-induced neuroprotective signaling in rat hippocampal neurons. NeurochemInt, 44:505-520. PubMed / Reprint request

Boeckle S, v. Gersdorff K, V.d. Piepen S, Culmsee C, Wagner E, Ogris M (2004) Purification of polyethyleneimine polyplexes highlights the role of free polycation in gene transfer. J Gene Med 6:1102-1111. PubMed / Reprint request


Culmsee C, Siewe J, Junker V, Retiounskaia m, Schwarz S, Camandola S, El-Metainy S, Behnke H, Mattson MP, Krieglstein J (2003) Reciprocal inhibition of p53 and NF-kappa B transcriptional activities determines cell survival or death in neurons. J Neuroscience, 18:8586-8595. PubMed / Reprint request


Culmsee C, Junker V, Gerling N, Lehmann M, Nikolova-Karakashian M, Prehn JHM, Mattson MP, Krieglstein J (2002) NGF-induced neuroprotection in hippocampal neurons requires the common neurotrophin receptor p75NTR. Neuroscience, 115:1089-1108. PubMed / Reprint request

Zhu Y, Yang GY, Ahlemeyer B, Pang L, Che XM, Culmsee C, Klumpp S, Krieglstein J (2002) Transforming growth factor-beta 1 increases bad phosphorylation and protects neurons against damage. J Neurosci 22:3898-3909. PubMed / Reprint request

Zhu X, Yu QS, Cutler R, Culmsee C, Holloway HW, Mattson MP, Greig NH. (2002) Design and synthesis of novel p53 inhibitors as neuroprotective agents. J Med Chem 45:5090-5097. PubMed / Reprint request

Van Ess PJ, Pedersen WA, Culmsee C, Mattson MP, Blouin RA (2002) Elevated hepatic and depressed renal cytochrome P450 activity in the Tg2576 transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. J Neurochem 80:571-578. PubMed / Reprint request

Junker V, Becker A, Hühne R, Zembatov M, Ravati A, Culmsee C, Krieglstein J (2002) Stimulation of ß-adrenoceptors activates astrocytes and provides neuroprotection. Eur J Pharm 446:25-36. PubMed / Reprint request

Chan SL, Culmsee C, Haughey N, Klapper W, Mattson MP (2002) Presinilin-1 mutations sensitize neurons to DNA-damage-induced death by a mechanism involving perturbed calcium homeostasis and activation of calpains and caspase-12. NeurobiolDis, 11:2-19. PubMed / Reprint request

Bui TN, König, HG, Culmsee C, Bauerbach E, Poppe M, Krieglstein J, Prehn JHM (2002) p75 neurotrophin receptor is required for constitutive and NGF survival signalling in PC12 cells and rat hippocampal neurons. J Neurochem 81:594-605. PubMed / Reprint request

Stumm R, Rummel, J, Junker V, Culmsee C, Pfeiffer M, Krieglstein J, Höllt V, Schulz S (2002) A dual role for the SDF-1/CXCR4 chemokine receptor system in adult brain: isoform selective regulation of SDF-1 expression and cerebral leukocyte recruitment after focal ischemia. J Neurosci 22:5865-5878. PubMed / Reprint request


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Culmsee C, Zhu X, Yu Q, Chan SL, Camandola S, Guo Z, Greig N, Mattson MP (2001) A synthetic inhibitor of p53 protects neurons in the brain against ischemic and excitotoxic injury. J Neurochem 77:220-228.

Culmsee C, Bondada S, Mattson MP (2001) Hippocampal neurons of mice deficient in DNA-dependent protein kinase exhibit increased vulnerability to DNA damage, oxidative stress and excitotoxicity. Brain Res Mol Brain Res 87:257-262.

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Stumm R, Culmsee C, Schafer MK, Krieglstein J, Weihe E (2001) Adaptive plasticity in tachykinin and tachykinin receptor expression after focal cerebral ischemia is differentially linked to gabaergic and glutamatergic cerebrocortical circuits and cerebrovenular endothelium. J Neurosci 21:798-811.

Zhu Y, Culmsee C, Roth-Eichhorn S, Krieglstein J (2001) ß2-Adrenoceptor stimulation enhances latent TGF-ß1 binding protein-1 and TGF-ß1 expression in rat hippocampus after transient forebrain ischemia. Neuroscience 107:593-602.


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Pedersen WA, McCullers D, Culmsee C, Haughey NJ, Kasarskis E, Herman JP, Mattson MP (2000) Neuroprotective effects of corticotropin releasing hormone against amyloid-beta peptide toxicity in experimental models of Alzheimer’s disease. NeurobiolDis 8:492-503.

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Culmsee C, Semkova I, Krieglstein J (1999) NGF mediates the neuroprotective effect of the b2-adrenoceptor agonist clenbuterol in vitro and in vivo: Evidence from a NGF-antisense study. NeurochemInt, 35: 47-57.

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Ravati A, Junker V, Kouklei M, Ahlemeyer B, Culmsee C, Krieglstein J (1999) Enalapril and moexipril protect from free radical-induced neuronal damage in vitro and reduce ischemic brain injury in mice and rats. EurJ Pharmacol 373: 21-33.

Zhu Y, Prehn JHM, Culmsee C, Krieglstein J (1999) The b2-adrenoceptor agonist clenbuterol modulates bcl-2, bcl-xl and bax protein expression following transient forebrain ischemia. Neuroscience 90: 1255-1263.

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