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Web-Login (Shibboleth)


  1. Introduction
  2. Alternatives
  3. Usage instructions
  4. Who is allowed to use Web-Login?
  5. Are there further restrictions when accessing applications?
  6. Which data will be submitted to third-party service providers?
  7. Available service providers



Under the URL https://weblogin.uni-marburg.de , the HRZ hosts and provides a Shibboleth login server for accessing licensed online media (e.g. electronic books, journals and databases) and web applications.

Shibboleth-protected websites allow you to login with your personal students or staff account at the University's centralized Web-Login website. This way, your password remains confidential, there is no need to remember different passwords for various service providers, and your personal details will only be submitted as necessary. When choosing the option Single Sign-On during Web-Login, you avoid to be asked for your password on subsequent requests during your current browser session.

The Web-Login service at Philipps University is based on the Shibboleth service (see Wikipedia article). In contrast to VPN access , there is no need for a software installation; all you need is your web browser.




In order to get access to licensed online media, you may alternatively try VPN oder WebVPN, see Externer Online-Zugriff.


Usage instructions

Quick start guide

  • Please open the website of your desired service provider, then click the appropriate login link (e.g. "Sign in" / "Institutional login", followed by "German Higher Education" / "DFN-AAI" and "Philipps-University Marburg").
  • You must repeat this process separately for each service.

Detailed guide: Accessing literature via Shibboleth

  • Step 1: Search for online literature (e.g. using KatalogPlus or OPAC, see http://www.uni-marburg.de/bis ) and click the full text link
    • Hint: When using on-campus computers, you usually may access literature without any further authentication, thus you may skip step 2.
  • Step 2: Login at the service provider, as follows:

    Sub-step Example
    Click login link
    Sign in / Login
    Select login method
    Institutional login / Login via your institution / Login via Shibboleth (not Athens / OpenAthens)
    Select group
    German Higher Education and Research / DFN-AAI
    Select institution
    Philipps-University Marburg
    Login at Web-Login
    using your personal students or staff account, approve personal data transmission if necessary
    You are logged in at the service provider.

  • Step 3: Download full text (repeat step 1 if necessary)


You may use the Sitzung beenden (Logout) functionality, available at https://weblogin.uni-marburg.de , in order to logout from Web-Login and all recently used services.

In some specific cases, however, logout at individual services may fail. For security reasons, you should disable Session Restore within your web browser settings, or simply delete all cookies at the end of your session. Finally, close all tabs and quit the web browser.


Who is allowed to use Web-Login?

In general, all members, affiliates and guests at Philipps University are allowed to login via the Web-Login Shibboleth server (using their personal students or staff account).

However, due to licensing terms, there may be restrictions which applications you are allowed to use. For details, see next section.


Are there further restrictions when accessing applications?

The following restrictions apply for users accessing third-party service providers and licensed media / literature:

Currently, only the following groups of people are granted access:

  • Professors (with current employment contract, but also emeriti and pensioners)
  • Employees (with current employment contract)
  • Doctoral candidates (with current matriculation or employment contract)
  • Students (with current matriculation)

Access for the following groups of people is planned (currently not registered centrally):

  • Irregular professors (apl. Prof.)
  • Lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte)
  • Accepted doctoral candidates (without current employment contract and without matriculation)

Guests are never granted access when being outside the University walls:

However, these groups are granted literature access when using on-campus computers (no Shibboleth needed):

  • Guest auditors
  • Guests from the guest houses
  • Lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte) without current lectureship
  • Doctoral candidates without current employment contract / matriculation / acceptance
  • Students from other universities
  • Guests in general
  • Participants in further education without current matriculation
  • Cooperation partners
  • Retired employees (unless they are retired Professors)
  • Alumni

In particular, the following groups of people are never granted access (not covered by the library's license agreements):

  • People not involved in the University's education and research
  • Hess. Staatsarchiv
  • Herder-Institut
  • MPI

Check your access rights:

In order to check whether you are allowed to access third-party service providers, look for the words "Der Account ist zugelassen für: dfn-aai-advanced" within the HRZ Kenndatenabfrage:


Which data will be submitted to third-party service providers?

Shibboleth provides the service providers with anonymized or non-anonymized user data, so each service provider may check your authorization. Usually, for accessing licensed online media, only absolutely required data will be submitted (e.g. your affiliation, like "Student" or "Employee at Philipps University"). However, when accessing e-learning portals, some additional data like your full name, your faculty/institution etc. may be needed.

To understand which data will be submitted in detail, have a look at the data submission preview. Whenever you request a Shibboleth login from within a service provider, there will be an individually compiled list of data which will be shown as a preview before you are logged in at a particular service provider for the first time. Only after your approval, the data will be submitted to the service provider. (Whenever you login to the same service provider again with unchanged user data, as well as when logging in to trustworthy web applications hosted by Philipps University, the approval will occur automatically.)

A complete list of all your user data (which may be requested for submission) is available as a Web-Login self service.


Available service providers

The Philipps University does only provide a few web applications which support Web-Login (see below).

Third-party service providers are integrated through the DFN-AAI federation of the German research network association (DFN-Verein) ("German Higher Education and Research"), including other federations participating in the eduGAIN interfederation.
The activation of these services (especially of licensed online media) happens gradually since autumn/fall 2015, in cooperation with the University library.
In most cases, the Shibboleth login is already functional, see:

Services provided by Philipps University (incomplete list):

Application / Service
Web-Login Selbstauskunft View all your personal user data (which may be requested for submission).
Net-Points of the Studentenwerk Public kiosk computers with web browser for accessing the world-wide internet.
(Without login, only intranet sites may be accessed.)
k-MED (Uni Gießen) Common e-learning portal for medical students at University Giessen and Marburg.

Third-party service providers (incomplete list):

Application / Service
GigaMove (RWTH Aachen): Login, Help Portal for uploading/sharing large files (which are too huge for sending by email).
DFNVC Webkonferenzen (DFN-Verein) Video conferencing, based on Adobe Connect. Requires "Mozilla Firefox" browser with current FlashPlayer, or "Google Chrome" browser.
See also HRZ instructions for phone conferences (Geman only) and HRZ instructions for video conferences (German only).
DFN-Terminplaner 3.0 (DFN-Verein)
Doodle replacement for simple surveys and polls and for scheduling meetings.
... ...


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