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The Web VPN Service: Quick alternative solution for VPN problems


The WebVPN service is a supplement to the VPN access and is provided by the same server. Technically, this service does not establish a VPN connection despite the name, but a special web application provides access to resources that would normally require a VPN connection. On the client side, only one web browser is needed, so the service is suitable as a VPN replacement in situations where normal VPN access is not available. Here are some examples:

  • You are working on a remote PC and do not want to or can not install a VPN client.
  • A firewall blocks the use of Anyconnect.
  • An unfavorably configured WLAN access point blocks the use of Anyconnect.
  • Although you have established a VPN connection (for example, with Anyconnect), you can not access a particular journal or database and you need access instantly.


  1. Go to https://vpn.uni-marburg.de with any web browser. The following page will appear:


  2. Log in with Username and Password of the appropriate User Group (Staff or Students).
  3. You will now be taken to the common homepage of VPN and WebVPN service.
    Enter the desired URL or address in the web application's ready-to-use field (terminate with RETURN).
    Do not use the address bar of your browser. Also, bookmarks from the browser do not work.
  4. The content is displayed, along with a semi-transparent toolbar. Links can be followed within the WebVPN application.


Because of its operation, the WebVPN service can not support all the functions of normal VPN access (E.g. Integrated network drives can not be addressed directly). All web applications are fundamentally supported; However, the function still depends on the concrete operation of the application. Currently, no technical issues are known for access-restricted sites where remote access is licensed on the other hand.


If you have problems with the WebVPN service, please send an e-mail to vpn@hrz.uni-marburg.de or contact the helpdesk at tel. 06421/28-28282

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