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Greetings from Egon Vaupel, Lord Mayor of Marburg

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Marburg is a university town. The Welcome Centre exemplifies  how closely the university and the town are interconnected.

As lord mayor of the university town Marburg I am delighted that many visiting scholars choose to come to Marburg. For the duration of your stay, no matter how short or how long, you all become citizens of our town, and we will try our very best to make you feel at home in Marburg as quickly as possible.

The Welcome Centre provides information, advice and support in all areas which are relevant to your stay in Marburg. Our part and our privilege as representatives of the town is to assist you with all practical matters of everyday life such as housing, childcare and schools. We are glad to do so.

The Philipps-Universität Marburg has a decisive impact on life in the town of Marburg. Conversely, the Philipps-Universität also depends on Marburg to be a lively and attractive town for visiting scholars, resident professors and students alike. The town and the university are well aware of this fact and therefore work closely together.

Guests of the university are also guests of the town.  To all of you I say: Welcome!

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