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Welcome to the International Office of the Philipps-Universität Marburg

gruppeThe International Office:

is responsible for international contacts, programmes and university partnerships of the Philipps-Universität;

is responsible and in charge of additional international partnerships of the Philipps-Universität: The International Summer University (ISU) of the Hessian universities and the International Undergraduate Study Program (IUSP);

it coordinates programmes offered by the German Academic Exchange Service

and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation;

it is responsible for support and conselling for foreign students and researchers as well as for the programmes for the visits of the university's directors foreign guests;

it provides and supports sojourns as visiting scholar at partner institutions;

it is responsible for advising foreign graduate and postgraduate students;

it advises graduate students and post doctoral students of the Philipps-Universität about going abroad;

and it is responsible for the acquisition and management of the resources for international affairs.


Where to find information?

Information about studying abroad as a student, doctoral student, teacher or non-scientific staff can be found in the section "Study Abroad".

If you are planning on coming to the Philipps-Universität from abroad you will find a lot of helpful information in the section "Study at Uni Marburg".

Another overview over the worldwide network of our partners, can be found in the section "Our International Partners".

Also, see the section "About Us" for a detailed overview of the various units of the Department.

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